Julian Rushed to Hospital

Jul 06

Julian Rushed to Hospital

Posted by Celtic Thunder on

How do I get rid of the huge zit on my ass without having to get my ass off the couch watching TV 24-7? The alcohol swab isn't working and Law & Order mini-marathons are too powerful to resist.


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I think it's pretty funny!

Ask Julian. He'll tell you to pop the bastard.

-Viv(During a commercial of course.)

-PostViv(And allow me to be the first person to say I posted in this thread BEFORE miss thing posts in it to somehow link the subject to her pregnancy. I called it. Nyeh.)

[color=#FF00FF]omg is he ok?????????[/color]

[quote="Celtic Thunder"][quote="pavlovsdaughter"]Dude, that is NOT funny.[/quote]

Dude, no one ASKED you.[/quote]

Oh you're right I'm sorry.. I forgot I had to wait for my personal invitation from a fellow forum member to take part in the discussion. My bad.

I'll be off now then, for good. This forum is [b]SHIT[/b].

oh, and i usually use a hot compress on zits that won't die.

What is this immatureness that you guys display? Why can't people just act normal and not try to gain so much attention? Good job though, you certainly got my attention. Now I know that there are sophomoric people that roam in the forum who try to get as much attention as possible.

so, how much jizz did they pump outta his stomach?!

[quote="pavlovsdaughter"]Dude, that is NOT funny.[/quote]

Dude, no one ASKED you.

Dude, that is NOT funny.

It's got nothing to do with standards! But why make threads about nothing?

OMG I forgot that you're in charge of internet decency standards!

stop posting!