Another new Albert interview

Jul 07

Another new Albert interview

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A two-part one on Teletext in the UK.
The 2nd part is here:'s+future.aspx
The text of the first part, copied off the telly, is below - the first part is more about the new album itself...

By John Earls - "This record had to show the other side of me after my first album. I can't repeat myself."
Since The Strokes' last album in 2006, Albert Hammond Jr has been prolific. His second solo LP Como Te Llama? (Spanish for What's Your Name?) is a more diverse listen than Yours To Keep.
"It made a big difference, having the same band in the studio that I'd played with for a year," says Albert.

Having written the song GFC, Albert realised he wanted to make a second album before The Strokes reconvene.
"I knew then that I had to start this new thing," he explains.
"Some songs, like Rocket, all came to me within 10 minutes. But then Victory In Monterrey took a long time, growing organically. I had a finished song for ages, then realised I wanted no chords in it, for it to be all riff-based."

The song Lisa is named after a woman Albert was dating at the time.
"I came up with the piano part on the way to filming my In Transit video at Joaquin Phoenix's house," he recalls.
"It sounded like the way Lisa moves, the essence of her. That was all the song was for a long time. Lisa loves the song - it's one of the great things you can do for a girl; they're mighty touched if you name a song after them."

The biggest departure is seven-minute ambient instrumental Spooky Couch.
"It got taken on and off the album many times," admits Albert. "I eventually decided it's a good palette cleanser.
"For the most part, I like to work in the three-minute classic pop structure. There's a million places you can go with that. When you've got structure, I think you can do more. You can get weird, but be totally understandable."

The highlight of the album is woozy, drawled homoerotic ballad Feed Me Jack.
"I had a random idea to spend a weekend in a hotel with a bunch of movies," laughs Albert, 28. "The title is a line said by Dr Strangelove, and I couldn't stop singing it.
"I'm fascinated by the idea of writing a non-sexual love song to a man - I don't want to just write love songs for women I'm sexually attracted to."

The line "The places we played" sounds like Albert's in love with a Stroke.
"I know!" he chuckles. "That didn't register at first. I was just trying to find a way of saying the things you do when you've got a bond with your best friends, and my friends are in bands.
"Then, after a couple of listens, I thought 'Oh! I wonder if people will think I mean the other Strokes...'"
More from Albert from Sunday, 10pm.

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