Mailing list!

Jul 07

Mailing list!

Posted by dens on

is that thing still working?
i never received nothing!!

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yeah i never received anything and i live close to newyork :[
hmmm there probably too busy

yeah umm..I have Never received a thing..ever.


i sign up and i never got mail from the strokes i wonder Y...... so yeah.... :?


i never received nothing too

[color=#0080BF][i]the sky is not the limit...[/i][/color]

they used to send mail all the time. i think the last one I got was about two months after the FIOE album ended. and now they have left us for better things.

dude i dont know if its working cause im still waiting for my strokes mail

[quote="dens"]is that thing still working?
i never received nothing!![/quote]

they hate us now.