Jul 07


Posted by john candy on


I know God, and I know God likes a good prayer circle for a lost soul. Brit Brit needs your beacons of light more than ever now. Pray for her to make a glorious comeback. Also, pray for some chicken wings to come my way, maybe with a little extra ranch sauce. Thanks.

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I pray for here every friggin' nite :|

I can't imagine why he'd be wearing such large man capris, except for a case of the chubbies. I'm glad Britney got away from Adnan, nothing but trouble! Get it? Like my amazing film, Nothing But Trouble starring Chevy Chase, Dan Akyroyd, Demi Moore, and myself.

I choose to believe he's fat, it helps me sleep at night!

I read that he isn't a fatty like me and that his shirt is just full of golf balls. That's no fun for anyone.

on the real, I want this bitch to make a [b]HUGE COMEBACK[/b]! I pray you stay away from triflin' ass men bb!!!