Skinny Jeans ? - Blame The Strokes

Jul 08

Skinny Jeans ? - Blame The Strokes

Posted by adonis on

"In the early 2000s, they became favored by garage rock revival bands and musicians, such as The Strokes. Model Kate Moss has been credited with reintroducing the jeans to women. Among women, skinny jeans are most often worn tucked into boots or scrunched up over the wearer's footwear."

They look good if you're thin, but what percentage of the western hemisphere is thin? Have you seen chubsters in skinnys? It looks bad.

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[quote="Dave323Land"]i wear skinny jeans.

so do i..

size: 28x32 :o


[size=85]This debate will probably only be solved of pictures of boys in skinny jeans.. for educational purposes purely, of course.......[/size]

i wear skinny jeans. and im a guy, and i am very skinny.personally i wish i wasnt quite so skinny to wear them

holy shit im wearing skinny jeans RIGHT NOW

[quote="Dave323Land"]im 18...[/quote]

[size=85]That'll do then, Dave.[/size]

im 18...


[size=85]Well I jolly well hope you're over 18 before this gets anymore serious..[/size]

my skinny jeans size: 30x30
wats urs?

im bored..

[quote="Dave323Land"]i wear skinny jeans.

me too. :D


[quote="Dave323Land"]i wear skinny jeans.

[size=85]Well hellooo.. ;)

.. haha[/size]

i wear skinny jeans.

[quote="dens"]i don't like the skinny jeans in men! [/quote]

[size=85]No wayyy, Russell Brand looks bloody nice in skinny jeans. I can honestly say if I was to ever see a picture of him in baggy jeans I wouldn't fancy him... at all..[/size]

i don't like the skinny jeans in men! well nick valensi look cool , but meh!
girls fit better:P

I'm fairly thin but i only own one pair that can barely be called skinny jeans, not as wide as straight leg, but not as skinny either.. is the only way to explain it.

they are, however, my favorite pair of jeans but i haven't found another pair like it so that's why the rest are only boot cuts.

thicker women can pull off the skinny jean, it is moreso about getting a size that fits so you don't have a muffin top, and not about the width of the pant leg.

I was insulted the first time I wore the style of jeans because they were "straight legs" and in a small rural town in Ohio they just weren't that cool.

Then I moved to Toledo and that sucked just as much.

oh god i know
(i'm sorry if i offend anyone) at my school, a lot of the heavy girls wear the tighest skinny jeans and they look AWFUL and unattractive
they only look good on skinny people, and of course, the strokes.

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