Albert Hammond-The Tina Fey of music

Jul 08

Albert Hammond-The Tina Fey of music

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Listened to the new album today...all in all, I would say that it is really good. Three or four real standout songs (Victory, You won't be fooled, Lisa), and a few that can only be described as boring. My real complaint, in general, is that Albert is turning into Tina Fey...his delivery sucks. He obviously can write (as can Tina Fey)-the music is there, even the melodies are there, and his voice isn't all that bad. But the way he sings just isn't working for me (my opinion folks). For example, take a song like 'Rocket.' Real cool tune, but Albert singing "On my rocket, on my rocket" over and over again just seems...lame. But, I think if someone else were singing it, like...maybe Caleb from Kings of Leon, the song would instantly be transformed into a kick ass song. Really, go listen to it right now and imagine someone with a little more balls singing it (plug in anyone with a strong, distinct voice). I guess my point is, is that is songs are good, but his delivery is bland and borderline boring at times, and when he tries to get into it, he comes off as trying too hard. So that's an insult and a compliment at the same time. And again, I'll go on record as saying that I do like and enjoy the new album. What do you think?

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I agree. Excellent songwriter, boring vocals.

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