Hedonistic Albert

Jul 09

Hedonistic Albert

Posted by Eddie S on

am i the only one who beleves that albert developed such an annoying cocky attitude? lately i just wanna smash his annoying face

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yeah i dissagree. I don't think he's been cocky at all, frustrated maybe, because of his title as "spokesperson for the strokes" he's had thrown on him. but thats understandable.

[quote="john candy"]Albert is a genuinely nice guy. I don't agree with you.[/quote]

Has Albert even been bitchy in interviews? All he's said is that he wants to talk about the album he is promoting rather than be the sole representative of a band that has four other members and that he wasn't completely on board with the last Strokes record.

Albert is a genuinely nice guy. I don't agree with you.

yes , you are the only one

That's not what hedonism is...

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