The Strokes Quote Thread

Jul 09

The Strokes Quote Thread

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"fab why you are wasting all that film man?...or you got a fucking crush on me?"

"yo you are a cock sucker you are a crazy mudafucker"

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It's funny you ask, because last night I had this dream that I was playing a show at my old high school, and then, at the end of my dream, I spit.(laughs) I just remember that spitting feeling, an intense spit, and I woke up and I had actually spit on my covers.- Nick about day off.

"If any one person steps out of line, we have a very specific way of talking to that person," elaborates Fab. "Putting them in front of a mirror and saying, 'Dude, you've got to remember where we started from, what we're doing this for; only for the music, not for the bullshit, not for the fame'. We're doing this because when we were young and started playing our instruments together, we felt we were doing something magical. It was never about the hype or the fuckin' money."- FAB

hahahah great idea!!!!!! the strokes thread:D

"Don't touch,' says Albert. "My clothes are vintage and delicate. I fart and blow a hole in my pants."

"You Broke It But You Fixed It"-JC