My Luck...

Jul 10

My Luck...

Posted by Lynncom1 on

Here's my luck... I waited for a few years to see the Strokes! So when they toured after FIOE came out I was pumped to see them in Philly. Got a good deal on tickets on eBay and found someone to go with. Philly is like 2 hours from me. A few days before the show I start getting all congested and I'm getting my hair done and barely able to breath and coughing up a lung... my stylist is like," you need to go to the Dr and not a concert"! I don't care if I have to be driven to Philly in an ambulance and carted in on a gurney, I'm seeing the friggin Strokes!!! Day of the show I am sick as a dog with everyone telling me not to go! Now I'm burning up with a fever and can barely stand! So I get myself ready for the show and call the Dr to phone something in for me. We leave, not hearing from the Dr, for Philly and the whole way there I'm drinking Red Bull and Jolt Cola. Now I'm amped and sick as a dog hahahaha. As we are getting into Philly who finally calls back but the and proceeds to tell me to get to the ER cause I did'nt sound good. I was like UHM I DON'T THINK SOOOO and begged him to phone something in so I could take it when I got home. That was a NO GO. We get to the venue and got right up in front of the stage but I was so feverish I could stand there any longer. This was before the show started. Got out of the crowd which was a good thing cause there was a bar set up in the and with each shot of Cuervo I was feeling better and better! The show was GREAT and all I could say was, OMG it's the friggin Strokes... went to the Dr the next day and was told I had pheumonia.... It was all worth it!

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Wow! How was the crowd? I've only been to a concert once (weren't the strokes, i have yet to experience that day) and my first concert experience was horrible, because these incredibly tall assholes pushed their way in front and blocked my view the entire time and etc etc.

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