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Personally, I am against it. I don't want Pharrell to produce their next album, because it's as if it would be taking away from who they are. What are your thoughts?

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David Kahne produced their last album. David Kahne also produced Sugar Ray. I think Pharrell is a step up from [i]that[/i]!


I think he's an okay music producer, but I think The Strokes should produce their [i]own[/i] way.
It would sound a lot better.

[quote="katiekat"]I'm against it.

I don't have anything against Pharrell but I don't want him to produce The Strokes.[/quote]

That's what I think too. Pharrell should be ok with Britney or another pop music, but with the strokes no.... They are of another level!!!

i haven't actually heard that latest hives album, but even if it was good i am definitely AGAINST pharrel producing the strokes!

For it... if it means a new album. Something new and different sounds great. I like it when bands take risks that are out of the norm.

AGAINST IT! Strokes just need to stick to what they do best...Just heard that song off
and it SUCKS!..If I wanna hear SHIT I'll listen to RAP & Gangsta hiphop..

I thought it was a bad Idea at first, but who knows, it might still kick ass!


Not that I hate Pharrell, it's just that he's everyhwhere now. Why ruin The Strokes?

I reckon the next strokes album is going to be pretty exciting. I heard the converse song today and if you think about it the way Pharrel works kind of plays into the strokes hands, they have always been a band who have spent a lot of time on beats and that retro digital kind of sound i think that can only be a good thing in terms of what could come out of recording with pharrell. At the end of the day, whatever they record is going to still sound like a cool strokes record - the exciting thing for me is hearing how and where they take their sound next.

i read a few previous comments and i thought what pharrell did with the hives was great, it meant that on that last album were tracks that sounded like the hives were really venturing out of their comfort zone but were still coming out with something that sounded fresh sounding and cool and still had all the elements that ppl loved about their band initially.

Come on the strokes. Looking fwd to a killer return.

nick trap

maybe 1~2 songs is instresting,but absolutly not all :shock: !

I'm against it. I heard the song he made with jules and i really dont like it. It sounds terrible and if the next album sounds like that ill be PISSED.

[b]FUCK NO![/b] :?

I think The Strokes are going to do what's best for The Strokes. When they recorded Room On Fire, they recorded it twice, the first time with Nigel Godrich, who has worked many times with artists Beck and Radiohead, but they didn't like it so they destroyed the masters and started over with a new producer, Gordon Raphael, whom they had worked with for Is This It. Basically, if they don't like what happens with Pharrel Williams, and that's if they decide to go with Pharrel Williams, they will scrap it and work with someone else. I'd like to see them go back to Gordon Raphael or David Kahne, both of which worked with the Strokes for FIOE or even Rick Ruben who has worked with every artist under the sun. Jules is too much of a perfectionist to let out the record if he doesn't like it.

Then again, Julian is a big hip hop fan so I wouldn't be too surprised if Pharrel does produce the next one. One the other hand, he definitely knows how to make money, and you can be sure that if he produces it, there will be a huge marketing push behind it, which would be good for The Strokes.

Plus, ultimately how good a song is is determined by the song writer, but its the little nuances that producers influence. I imagine we'd get a more mainstream style. More Juicebox type stuff.

Wow, so far its pretty much 50/50 huh!? :lol:

Lets just hope if it does go ahead that they prove us all wrong.

Against it, I really don't understand it.. Pharrell working with The Strokes would be awkward

to me it would

against .. but i like pharrel its a diffrent kind of music it should not be mixed !!

pharrell just isn't the strokes. it doesn't really fit

Just go to and hear the song that Julian and Pharrell did together.
Im against it.


The Strokes have a collective genius. When they came out they broke a lot of barriers in terms of the music that was around at the time. They have and always will like all great artists search to do something new. They won't just make Last Night soundalikes forever. Teaming up with Pahrell Williams can only be a good thing as it will give them a new sound yet again. It will also bring them to a larger audience in The States they are already massive in the U.K.

definitely against! :x

Pharrell should stay away from the Strokes' sound. Although I did enjoy what he did with Jules.

I personally don't have anything against Pharrell and although I've always thought that you know artist should re-invent themselves once in a while... I don't think Pharrell and The Strokes will match at all I'm afraid they'll lose their cool or something... so, yeah... [b]I'M AGAINST[/b] :P... Pharrells area is hip-hop and all that...

I'm against it.

I don't have anything against Pharrell but I don't want him to produce The Strokes.

[quote="Therese"]Against it!
just listen to the songs he produced fore the hives, they sound so hiphopish! I dont want the strokes to sound like that!! :x[/quote]

AGREED. I really hope Julian wasnt influenced by "My drive thru". I mean I LOVE Jules and his music but I mean come on!!!!!!! I really hope Pharrell Does not produce the next album.


against...come on,,,we all know what happened with The Hives and their work with we want that with our guys...nah, i don't think so

For it if he doesnt fuck it up...But to be honest what does Pharrell know about the Strokes, not to mention rock music in general. 1 The Hives, blow....period...Walk Idiot walk and their other song only became popular because of what the Strokes did for music in 2000 and 2001, and make it possible for a rock band to become as popular as Limp Biscuit and KORN...Also, sure Pharell has had numerous number 1 hits with Jay Z, and I cant really think of who else....and has created and 80s inspired clothing line Ice Cream and Billionaire Boys Club, but does that make him qualified to produce the greatest rock band our era (if you know anything about music and are on this site you might agree) new record? I personally dont think so.....Coldplay who couldnt be much more popular and commercially successful, recently released a new album with Brian Eno as producer...and dont think im comparing coldplay and the strokes, believe me im not fucking crazy....but at least they tried to grow with someone who knows and understands their band...and their new album is suprisingly good and different from their other records.
I think the Strokes need someone who understands what they are trying to accomplish as a band, and I think they tried to do this by hiring Sugar Ray's old producer on The First Impressions of Earth, but didnt get there fully. And although I fucking love the album, I still think that their best RECENT MUSIC has yet to be heard(IS THIS IT? is the best album of all time) And to be honest I dont know if a hip hop artist/producer who is in love with the 80s just like the strokes is the answer....they might have things in common but musically i think they strokes would benefit more with someone in the mold of a progressive Gordon Rafael.....what do u think?

Against it in every way, he'll make the Strokes sound very glossy like that whole 1980's pop revival that blender seems to be so fucking obsessed with, I just want the strokes to make good music music to smoke and be drunk to, not that bright neon Lilly Allen MIA faux hip hop, not that that is bad music because I personally like MIA and Lilly Allen I just doubt the strokes will pull it off. I can comfortably say I am becoming less of a stroke fan with each passing day and I'll be done with them if Pharrell produces album 4.

nooooooooo i reli hope he doesnt...i want their demo sound back!!

i'm against , i hope julian and the guys decline his offer. his production is way too glossy.

Against it!
just listen to the songs he produced fore the hives, they sound so hiphopish! I dont want the strokes to sound like that!! :x