What's your favorite Harry Potter book?

Jul 10

What's your favorite Harry Potter book?

Posted by Celtic Thunder on

I like the first two because Sean Biggerstaff is cute and because Richard Harris is a better Dumbledore. And I like the third one because Hermione grew out her bangs and punched people. And I liked the fourth one because all the boys had Britpop haircuts. And I liked the fifth one because Luna is sweet. The sixth and seventh books aren't in theaters yet so I don't know what they're about, but I heard that the last book has a goat fucker.

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cedric diggory is a hotttttttttttie

the 6th movie comes out november 21st.

He died in the fifth one. That was a really blue movie.

I've never read the books, just took my neice to see a couple of the movies.

Anything with Gary Oldman = automatic win, so I'm going to say I like the Prisoner Of Azkawhatever.