Albert's 3rd album playlist leaked..

Jul 10

Albert's 3rd album playlist leaked..

Posted by Max Fischer on

A buddy of mine in the music industry is claiming that Albert has already finished his 3rd album (which wouldn't surprise me, the man is driven). I must admit.. these song titles do sound like Albie.. and we know who that 8th song must be about!

Is Everybody Happy

1 Is Everybody Happy
2 Let's Dance Tonight
3 Gipsy Girl
4 I Fell Your Love in the Air
5 Looking for Freedom
6 Crazy for You
7 Feeling So High
8 Casablanca
9 Summer in the City
10 Do the Limbo Dance
11 Are You Still in Love With Me
12 Taylor Ann
13 Foolish Lullaby
14 Wilder Side of You

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