Albert's 3rd album playlist leaked..

Jul 10

Albert's 3rd album playlist leaked..

Posted by Max Fischer on

A buddy of mine in the music industry is claiming that Albert has already finished his 3rd album (which wouldn't surprise me, the man is driven). I must admit.. these song titles do sound like Albie.. and we know who that 8th song must be about!

Is Everybody Happy

1 Is Everybody Happy
2 Let's Dance Tonight
3 Gipsy Girl
4 I Fell Your Love in the Air
5 Looking for Freedom
6 Crazy for You
7 Feeling So High
8 Casablanca
9 Summer in the City
10 Do the Limbo Dance
11 Are You Still in Love With Me
12 Taylor Ann
13 Foolish Lullaby
14 Wilder Side of You

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The song titles do look like Albert titles though.. you gotta admit. haha

That's why I thought it was so funny. I was looking for singers who put their own names on their albums rather than their bands name.. then I came across those titles.. haha

yeah i figured it was fake after reading "lets dance tonight"
casablanca just gave it away :lol:



So he's not going to cover Crazy For You???

This was a joke guys.. come on.. "Looking for Freedom" is classic Hasselhoff!


This thread is really dedicated to "artists" with self titled albums..


I really don't think that these songs belong to Albert. But in the case they are, as Albert just said, if he releases a 3rd album before Strokes do, it will be the end of the band.

I don't think this is genuine at all, but I really want it to be just for this song title: [b]I Fell Your Love in the Air[/b]. I hope that's not just a typo.

is this true?

IF this really uis Albert's 3rd album, which I think it is, I am especially excited for the "looking for freedom" track.. I am glad Albert is getting more political. I wish the Strokes would get more political.. why does everyone wait till the end of their careers, when it seems like they are out of ideas, to get political?

Yeah, isn't he supposed to tour until November and then record with The Strokes. Maybe he wrote the songs but I doubt he recorded them yet...

well, his second album just got out and i don't think he alrealdy has the song names of the the third album.. if there is a third album which i hope not, at least not right after the second one :?
anyway, the strokes will be back in studios in 6 months so the (possible) third album is gonna be out in quite a while :)