Albert's Weight loss..

Jul 10

Albert's Weight loss..

Posted by emcownzu on

I saw Albert peform tuesday at Virgin. When I saw him I've noticed he lost so much weight. Look at this picture of his performance last night.

Is it the influence of his super model girlfriend. Or did he suddenly turn vegan?!

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wow i've never seen him look so skinny. he didn't look like that a few weeks ago did he? or whenever those pics of him and his gf were... lol anyway, i might go see him in L.A. tomorrow. that is if i get tickets, supposedly there will be a few tickets at the door... hmmm.

Where's Mama Moretti when you need her?

She used to feed all the strokes; she's responsible of Juju's curves

I know... never been there but, all the people that I know and have been in TJ said that the city is awful.
If you have the opportunity, you should visit Mexico City which is crowded but very nice.

[quote="galactica"]Mmmm... too expensive. Here in MX you can get that "supplement" in about 10 bucks.[/quote]

i know!! i been to tijuana!! not a nice city!! not offense but is ugly!!

Mmmm... too expensive. Here in MX you can get that "supplement" in about 10 bucks.

[quote="galactica"]Im gonna need the same diet. He looks so skiny.[/quote]

if you live in NY go to the nearest corner with 50 bucks, they will get you a diet white "supplement"

Im gonna need the same diet. He looks so skiny.

[quote="john candy"]OMG you know he could just be on atkins![/quote]

Albert needs to go get a Big Mac n Fries

He should just kill himself.

he is also losing his hair...

OMG you know he could just be on atkins!

cocaine is a helluva drug

one word

Wow, he really did drop some weight.

Maybe he's having a competition with Nick.

Albert toured for FIOE, then wrote and toured for his own first album.. and just now did another album.. and then he's going to do the strokes album abd tour again.

Then he says "stay in drugs, don't do school"

Sounds like Albert's on the Bolivian diet...

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