Best song on Albert's new album

Jul 14

Best song on Albert's new album

Posted by kidwang on

I think overall the album was just kind of reminded me of the "First Impressions" with the huge change in style with most of his songs...bu yet he kept some of the similarities of "Yours to Keep"...i'm gonna have to say that the best song is "Bargain of the century"...the verse sounds so much like pink floyd (that's just me)...and the solo is freakin awesome...i think #2 would be "victory in Monttery"...the chorus has such a funk feel to it...again thats just me...

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I really love the instrumental track, "Spooky Couch"

but I agree, Bargain of a Century is fantastic.

I kind of like Yours to Keep better, still a great album though

Bargain of the century is a good song but i think mrs Myrtle is the best song on como te llama