Arctic Monkeys Appreciation Thread

Jul 23

Arctic Monkeys Appreciation Thread

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[quote="hardtoexplain"]No, they should do a different song.. I cant see Julian singing that, would be weird.
And that cover of the AM song lead to me knowing about the strokes, lol[/quote]

Thats a pretty sweet way to learn about the Strokes. Both bands are so good, I'm impressed by everything they make. Which Arctic Monkeys song do you think the Strokes would sound good covering?

No, they should do a different song.. I cant see Julian singing that, would be weird.
And that cover of the AM song lead to me knowing about the strokes, lol

This is too cool:

The only thing cooler would be a Strokes version of [i]A Certain Romance[/i]

I agree about the last shadow puppets. I like some songs, but at the same time, I'm like "get yo ass back in that studio with your real bands." lol but I think their 3rd record is coming out in 2009 too!

arctic monkeys!!!
they r totally awsome!

definitely one of my favorite bands. they too are how i found out about the strokes.
i love alex's voice, however i am not a big fan of the last shadow puppets. they have some good songs but i just couldnt get into them like i can with the arctic monkeys.

Yeah I remember reading a comment from Alex Turner, saying he used to listen to 12:51 on the bus to school or something. Their influences are the right people :D

Although I think both their albums are good, and definetly are the best band next to the cribs in the uk, they still are over-rated, and that tells you something of how I think about the Music scene at the minute :D

My three favorite bands ever are (in no particular order): The Beatles, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys.

Both of their records are great but in different ways.

i love the fact that arctic monkeys members love strokes music


If it wasnt for them I wouldnt have even known about The Strokes yet, probably!

I cant wait for their new album! I actually liked the 2nd better than the first, but they're both good records.
I'm so mad that I just found out about good music like last December. I've never even been to a rock concert before, but I'm making sure that my first chance will either be to see Arctic Monkeys or The Strokes.. or them.. together? That would be too fucking amazing but idk.. probably wont happen.

they've been to NY but i didn't meet them while they were here. fingers crossed for when LSP come.

i love them to death
last year the came to argentina and they were awesome, the best day in my life
i got the chance to meet the guys, i wass sooo happy

arctic monkeys are BRILLIANT!!!!!
i love them.
both albums were really good in their own way, in my opinion.
last shadow puppets are great too! i'm seeing them live on october 30. i'm beyond excited.

[size=85]Their first album was brilliant, second album was pretty 'meh'.

I really like Alex Turner's side-project though, 'the Last Shadow Puppets'..

C-c-check them outttt..[/size]

woo, you got me giddy now too!

One of top 5 bands. They're in the studio right now. I think that I'm actually giddy for their new album

[b]they are [i]amazing[/i][/b]

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