Bernie Mac dies at age 50

Aug 09

Bernie Mac dies at age 50

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“Wherever I am, I have to play,” he said in 2002. “I have to put on a good show.”
first heath, now bernie, this sucks

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saying that bernies disease made his death predictable i think is dumb, if you analize it that much the same could be said about heath. either way I wasn't meaning to "compare" the two, i just meant that it saddens me that my favorite performers are unexpectedly passing away.

:o oh chit~ :cry:

Yeah Heath was a very talented person, but so was Bernie in his own way. I don't think its wrong to compare the two. The bottom line is they both left behind people that loved them very much.

I agree that 50 is a young age to pass away... but he had sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease that affects the organs and in 2005 it had spread to his lungs and then he recently had pneumonia so it was kind of expected...

50 is still a young age and this death is very unexpected, much like heaths.

thats crazy about Bernie (RIP) but how u gonna compare heath, a talented oscar nominate actor who died at 28 to bernie, a comedian who died at 50... just cuz they both famous

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