Old concert reviews from old blog entries

Aug 13

Old concert reviews from old blog entries

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I find these funny and maybe you will too.
This first one was written after a Raleigh, NC show in November '02 - I was 20 years old and was certain that I would ultimately end up on the same pedestal on which I placed the Strokes.

I saw the Strokes last night. They were nice. Two opening acts...Mooney Suzukis and Jimmy Fallon.
Mooney Suzuki: Enjoyable. Their stage presence wasn't the best, but they really "rocked", and they made sure we knew it because they kept saying and preaching that "people keep saying that rock is back... rock never left" and so on.
Jimmy Fallon: Funny, very nervous and timid- like. Someone asked to suck his cock. It was funny, because that made him nervouser. He incorporated the cockness into a few of his "pieces". He of course sang the idiot boyfriend song. He was wearing a white jump suit, red shoes, and a red t-shirt below his white jump suit top. And so were his band mates. He was a very good opening act, and the two combined worked really well to get the crowd pumped for The Strokes.
The Strokes: Started off with Last Nite. Much(!) harder than their cds.
-Julian Casablancas...he looked very pleased, content, non-chalant, easy going the whole night. He didn't say much to us, other than the opening bands being good, funny as fuck, etc. I think he was drunk. He dedicated a song to the guy that climbed up in the rafters. He smoked two cigarettes, which I found unbelievable because while I'm singing loudly, or doing anything to break a sweat, the last thing I want is a cigarette. He also didn't take off his jacket, or his hoodie the entire night. I thought he was going to dehydrate. He mumbled to himself between lyrics during his only smiles of the evening.
Fab Moretti- He has buzzed his head. He kicked ass on the drums. He was really pounding into them. He's really what made the night entertaining, because he's just so good and never misses. He smoked cigarettes too, and he always looked emotionless. Calm the whole time. His drum set is really sexy as well. Silver sparkly. He was just so good.
Albert Hammond- Afro, and light beard. He smoked the hell out of some cigarettes, and when he did, it looked like the coolest thing I've ever seen. He'd inhale SO MUCH, and exhale SO MUCH at once! It was great. He can stroke a really heavy chord.
Nikolai Fraiture- He was good, but a statue, with his hair parted so that it hung over one of his eyes the ENTIRE time. He was annoying for that. He plays bass.
Nick Valensi- probably the hottest out of the crew. He had the hair cut where the side of his hair comes down farther than any other part so that it kind of looks like a lightning bolt. He also has the oldest of old school Adidas hightop shoes. Those are probably his dads from when he was a teenager. Damn. He had a Steve Martin shirt on too.
Ryan Gentles (wiz kid)- He was there with probably the oldest of old school glasses. Thick, and covered his whole face.
The Strokes played a few B-sides but I knew them unlike the middle school Asian girl in front of us that wasn't even as tall as the rail.
This one was written in April of 06 after a DC show.

After work, I leave semi-immediately, and make the drive up to DAR Constitution Hall, which happens to be around the corner from the White House. Rough times in the parking deck both before and after the show. (Before: I kinda got myself locked in a dark stairwell. After: I went to the wrong deck, and saw that my car was "locked up until morning". My heart stopped.) The Hall was beautiful on the inside, where it counts the most, and out. I felt like the House of Representatives. Floors were carpeted blue, and lined with white stars. "The Boys" looked great, and sounded better. With each show, their shirt collars grow as much as I do as a person. It was the first I've been to this venue, and the 6th time I've seen them. Seats couldn't have been much better. Both times I've seen them in DC, I have been face to face with Julian during Reptilia. I'm glad I got to pat Julian on the back. It was hard to not feel patriotic after seeing my favorite band perform in an executive venue, after driving past the Pentagon, the Monument, and the Lincoln, and all else that is DC, and like Julian said "DC will always bring back memories", so I walked around the White House, at roughly 11pm. It's true, I'll never forget how I felt "the last time I was in DC", no matter how much time passes between visits. The people are always gorgeous and the buildings are always vintage. It's where the hardest decisions seem to be made, and for that I salute it as a city whose job is never done. It would be great to spend the summer there.

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