Julian's shirt

Aug 15

Julian's shirt

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Where can i get a shirt like that! I need one it is so awesome


I thought it looked like the Strokes logo. seems I was right ; )

[quote="ElishaLovesStrokes"]is it me, or does that logo sort of look like what the strokes have as theirs...[/quote]


is it me, or does that logo sort of look like what the strokes have as theirs...

haha thanks!, i always remember this 'cause i used to think that the cigarettes copy the logo from the strokes:P
now i know that is backwards:P

p.s those cigarettes sucks!!!!, they taste like kind of old malboro!!

Woah! good detective work, dens

the t-shirt logo is from the Magna cigarettes this cigarettes are really famous in europe!

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