RICK RUBIN should produce 4th album

Aug 18

RICK RUBIN should produce 4th album

Posted by thebossamericana on

Brian Eno was a very solid producer for U2. I'm a big fan of his work with them. However, Coldplay, already fighting off U2 comparisons, should not have picked Eno. There new album, while it has a few good moments, overall sounds like a shitty U2 imitation. X and Y came together nicely but did not capture the genius of Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head. The new album sounds over produced and trying hard to be something that Coldplay is not. I'm all for change, but I don't really count a move towards U2 imitation as true change. Coldplay needs to build off what they did right on their first two albums and expand on that for their next album.

Brian Eno would be terrible for the Strokes by the way. His sense of sound seriously clashes with that of the strokes. The gritty garage rock that made the first two strokes albumbs so great would be lost completely. I believe that he would seriously overproduce their 4th record.

My choices for the 4th album

2. Gordon Raphael: while I liked many songs on First Impressions, that album lost some of the magic of the first two. Returning to Raphael could seriously recapture their genius. He knows what works for them, because he's the one who got them going in the first place.

1. [b][u]Rick Rubin[/u][/b]: While choosing Raphael would be solid, I think that Rubin is the man to choose. If the strokes want to change in a good way, Rubin has time and time again proved successful at that. What Rubin did on Blood Sugar Sex Magic was absolutely incredible. Rick Rubin is pure music genius, and that's exactly what the strokes need.

Stay away from Eno. He doesn't know shit about garage rock. He would overproduce the album like crazy. I love him with U2, but he ruined coldplay's album. Don't let him touch the strokes

Stay away from Pharell too. Just listen to the converse commerical he did with Julian to know how much he would suck as a producer of the strokes. He is a top hip hop producer, but he should stay away from guitar/garage rock.

Nigel Godrich (of First Impressions of Earth) would be alright, but i don't really like what he did with that album. Still better than Eno or Pharell though.

Pick Rubin!

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they should get burke reid to produce it

[quote="Maniqui Lazer"]i think they should stay with Gordon Raphael!
i don't like Rick Rubin...he produces audioslave album!
and i hate audioslave!![/quote]

Me too

i think they should stay with Gordon Raphael!
i don't like Rick Rubin...he produces audioslave album!
and i hate audioslave!!

Yeah I think Julian should produce it... It has been kinda like that since the beginning! XD! I just want a good Strokes sound for gods sake and no matter what they do i will love them <3!

Rick Rubin is overrated, and a satanist as well. Julian should produce the album himself. If not him then Alan Moulder, Flood, or even Rich Costey.

Rubin, ricky is the perfect choice for me too. He is known for bringing out the best in musicians. i think they should be doing their strokes- thing to the max and not be victims of a reckless producer. The producer they choose should let them have the purest cleanest strokes sound, and i guess that ricky wouldn´t overdo it.

Nigel Godrich didn't produce First Impressions of Earth.

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