First Impressions of Earth Survivor Round Three

Aug 19

First Impressions of Earth Survivor Round Three

Posted by janefonda on

Thought we could do a social experiment. So, below is a list of all the all the songs from FIOE. The point of the game is to figure out the fan's view of the songs from the worst to the best. So you get one vote per round and each round is 24 (48?) hours long. Whatever song has the post percentage of votes gets voted off until we have to "favorite" from the album. I'm going in backwards time order. (As in FIOE, then ROF, then ISI)

Last round, On the Other Side was voted off with 33% of the votes.

Remaining Songs
1. You Only Live Once
2. Juicebox
3. Heart in a Cage
4. Razorblad
5. Vision of Division
6. Ask Me Anything
7. Electricityscape
8. Killing Lies
9. 15 Minutes
10. Ize of the World
11. Evening Sun
12. Red Light

Round 1- Fear of Sleep
Round 2- On the Other Side

My vote goes to 15 Minutes

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