Room on fire vinyl test pressing for sale

Aug 20

Room on fire vinyl test pressing for sale

Posted by baronvonfriik on

hello english strokes fan here, been a fan of the band for a while, however just got a new guitar so have to sell some stuff to justify having it(its a Gibson MM from 1959)

so I have a English Test pressing of Room on fire(Rough trade) for sale, I should say mispressing as the artwork on one of the sides isnt dead centre(it still plays fine though) so it has a white label saying something along the lines of Test pressing, not for production, faulty artwork.

I forgot what is says exactly and am at work now so cannot check.

its got a few scratches but plays fine!

anyway am gonna be putting it on ebay but I thought i would offer it to you lot first!
generally their are only 10 test pressings per vinyl issue, so am assuming this has 11 is a mispress

so any offers

drop us an email at smokinmojo AT hotmail DOT com

can sort out some pics as well!



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