Elton John Dissed the Strokes, is he right?

Aug 20

Elton John Dissed the Strokes, is he right?

Posted by Max Fischer on

"Too retrogressive, sniffs Elton John"

They had this little blurb in this ooollllddddddd article..


Does anyone know of some article where Elton John goes more in depth than this?

I think there is always resentment when older guys see some young guys come along and play on their jungle gym.. I remember reading this book about screenwriting and the author was some guy older than George Lucas and Spielberg and he seemed to resent them because he was familiar with all the stuff they were mining from.. old movies and stuff.

I think it's kind of funny though because I think Elton John is guilty of the same crime.. his music seemed to be more old school than the music of his era.. he was more of a crooner type when in that era it was more about rock and roll bands.. maybe this is why he sees that same negative in the Strokes.. because he has that self loathing.. like most good artists..

Anyway.. I'm babbling.. this made me wonder though.. everyone says the Strokes are retro and copped everybodys stuff.. but what stuff did they really copy? Everyone says they sound exactly like someone else.. but then when I go to listen to the people they say they copied they don't sound anything like them. So what I would like to see are the songs that most sound like the strokes.. anyone that knows of a song that sounds exactly like the Strokes please post em..

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