albert...a fashion designer now??

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Ahh, what the heck... Hmm, I don't know. That's pretty strange to me. It's like he keeps doing these things that make him completely different than how I really seen him as. Whatever.

oh, how jealous are Nick and Julian going to be :o


Actually its really fucking cool. And i need me one of dem suits!


[quote="katiekat"]Look what not being with the band has done to him.....[/quote]

Well, I'm curious to see that blazers

So someone was designing a line of suits aimed at a young consumer and decided to ask the guy who made blazers fashionable for a few tips? Big deal. The bigger point of this "collaboration" (really, Albert will just be picking out the colors or something likewise inconsequential) is that the real designer wanted a cool person to put in his ads.

LOL! He's going to get a lot of shit for this.

And for some reason that link you posted won't open up properly for me..

what's wrong with that?!
we all now that albert it's the fashion guy in the strokes!

Look what not being with the band has done to him.....

At least he's doing SOMETHING though.. haha

The rest of the band seems to go off into suspended animation or something. lol

oh my... what happened to our albert????

wow he just wants to do everything huh?? haha
well he has always had keen fashion sense :lol: