What Do You Think About FIoE Now?

Sep 10

What Do You Think About FIoE Now?

Posted by Ipcress on

It's been awhile since it was leaked/released, but I still think it's slightly above average and could have been shorter. The album may have received better reviews had they not included "Ask Me Anything" and "Killing Lies" -- easily, the two worst songs. Leaving "15 Minutes" and "Fear of Sleep" off would have helped out if they had other material to use in their place, as they are not very good and stick out like a sore thumb.

The only songs I enjoy from it:

[i]You Only Live Once
Heart In a Cage
Vision of Division
Ize of the World
Evening Sun
Red Light[/i]

I also enjoy the early version of "You Only Live Once" ("I'll Try Anything Once") and "Hawaii".

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