ABC Movie Name Game

Sep 27

ABC Movie Name Game

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T : Tomorrow Never Dies

S: Science des Rêves, La.



[quote="King of Sorrow"]
We're going backwards now ?

Or is it a blatant attempt at cheating from your part again ?[/quote]

I [i]told[/i] you before -- I wasn't cheating. Stop it. I wasn't paying attention, sorry.

Hm, I notice you didn't use a Q. They're tough to fill in, no? Thank God for French movies.

Q: Quelques Jours en Septembre.


O: Of Mice and Men.[/quote]

We're going backwards now ?

Or is it a blatant attempt at cheating from your part again ?


O: Of Mice and Men.

It was ten years ago, when I was 14, that I first saw that movie. I had just read the book and my class was required to compare the version of the book with that of the movie. Well, I like them both. It's one of those rare movies that actually is true to the book.

Not with the ` mark. Come on, you were doing good!

P: Pas Sur La Bouche.

O : Òcean's Eleven

La starts with L. There for it's legit. Don't nitpick, ok? And by the way, it's a Pedro Almodovar film and it was done in Spanish, so please don't anglicise the name.

N: Nightmare Before Christmas, The.

M : Mala Education (la)

Meg, I'm not sure about your last entry.

L: La Mala Educación.

K : Kung Fu Panda

I won in my mind and that's the most important.

[quote="King of Sorrow"] And I Won The Last Game.[/quote]

No you didn't, and I just legitimately proved it to you. Get over it.

J: James and the Giant Peach.

I : I Am Legend

And I Won The Last Game.

[quote="King of Sorrow"]Let's say it's a draw.[/quote]

No deal.

H: Hotel Rwanda.

Graduate, the.

Let's say it's a draw.

F : Full Metal Jacket

[quote="King of Sorrow"]Z : Zodiac


Not contestable anymore.

E: Elizabeth.

that's debatable

D : Departed (the)

No. I won, because I replaced her movie (that you already listed) with "Zorro".

C: Crimen del Padre Amaro, El.

awww so I won the last game without even doing it by purpose ?

B : Braveheart


Awake(love that movie)

[quote="King of Sorrow"]Z : Zodiac


Sorry Tika, KOS already used Zodiac.

Z: Zorro.

Z - Zodiac I WIN!!!!

Then we wouldn't count all the movies that start with "the" but aren't posted under the letter T.

Y : You, Me And Dupree

Strange that noone wants to play with this letter.

Xenon: Girl of the 21at century

i dont think la vita e bella should count...



V : Vita è Bella (la)

U: Underworld.

Taxi Driver


Smokin' Aces

R - Reaper, the


Great, again another Q... lucky me.

Q: Queen, The.

I'll see if I'll bite with this one then. I still have to watch the spotless mind by the way, but this one is on my shelf.

P : Point Break

Oh he's the best. He does comedy and drama equally well. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls has to be his funniest role.

O: Ojo en la Nuca, El.

I liked this movie.

N : Number 23 (the)

I haven't watched this one, heard about it and I don't know if I like Jim enough.

Not lazy, uninspired.

M: Man On the Moon.


L : Lord of War

K: Kill Bill, volume 2.

J : Jarhead

I: Ice Age.

You know you like it tika.

H - Holiday, the

ps- you guys are dorks


G : Game (the)

Bull crap. And to think you once liked me. Ugh.

F: Fidel.

It's all in your mind.

E : Erin Brockovich

Oh, come fucking on. It looks like a woman's private parts, do I have to spell it out for you? And you'd recommend I go see a doctor anyway, you're determined to make me seem like I'm crazy and need therapy.

D: Diarios de Motocicleta.


C : Casino Royale

Well, I may change this smiley for something without any ambiguity possible. If you see anything sexual in this one, I recommend you to go see a doctor.


Think about what it looks like, and that you once told me in another post to "eat that". So please reconsider it.

B: Babel.

Damn, someone noticed.

A : American Beauty

how this "V for Victory" can be perceived in a sexual way ? Sick.

You forgot Z.

Z: Zoolander.

I win.

And please, stop making that symbol. Maybe it's just my own dirty mind perceiving it in a sexual way, but it makes me cringe each time you do it.