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So how many people on here are actually strokes fans, because I have friend who writes on another band's message boards but is really not a fan of theirs but likes the topics and conversations with the people. I've just been wondering this, if anyone who is a constant poster does not completely support the strokes in all that they do, its alright if you dont. But I am getting really sick of people keep saying that FIOE sucks and it just makes me think, thats all...... (by the way all their albums are bad ass and I would never say any one of their albums is horrible)

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i used to be a huge fan but not anymore. but if anyone asked me what my fav. band is, i'd still say the strokes.

[b]the strokes CD was the first CD i have ever owned.
And i am still a huge fan of theirs.
They make me happy[/b]

[quote="mrs_casablancas"]I love Julian almost as much as I love myself .. and that is saying a LOT ! haha

ohh, and their music xD[/quote]
So true, so true. I agree!!!

im obsessed, mrs.casablancas we get it! o and fioe was ok bud def the least fav of mine

I do not base my liking for a band on their attractiveness.

And, FIOE sucked.

for 7 years, and yeah i think half of first yada yada yada sucks.

ya well .. i was 10 the first I heard them


i love them!!!
im a big fan!! since NY gig in 2002:) i was 14 years old!! soo yeah:)

Just because someone doesn't like one of their albums doesn't not make them a fan. If the strokes suddenly sold out and started making shitty music, the best fans would be the ones that called them on it, not the ones who praised the strokes no matter what.

The Strokes have been my favorite band for four years and they will always be my favorite band. 8-)

Theyre my favorite band, yeah, but Im not [i]super[/i] obsessed.
Also FIOE was my least favorite album, but I still like it.

I'm a fan, and I didn't think FIOE was that bad, but ROF kinda sucked.

I love Julian almost as much as I love myself .. and that is saying a LOT ! haha

ohh, and their music xD

OH. I AM A HUGE FAN. <3Julian<3!!!!! I love every one of their albums!! The Strokes are so amazing, I could never hate them. Ever.

2 good albums, 1 shit one, so I guess I like this band 66.6667% of the time.

Fanatics, raise your fists.

Oh no, The Strokes Inquisition has begun. Everybody, head for the hills.

Believe me. I am a big Strokes fan.

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