Were Can u get B-sides?!?

Oct 05

Were Can u get B-sides?!?

Posted by kpatrandom on

Ok in the my years of being a HUGE strokes fani can never find a place to get the album....i would do any thing for either a hard copy or digital copy of the whole thing!!! (with out it being illegal :) )

so please if any one can tell me where i can get it please tell me,

K-P 8-)

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Any idea where I can find the b-side Hawaii at please?

thanks for this website

hey no problem, glad i can help a fellow strokes fan!!!!!! :D

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Amazing site! Thanks!

You can get b-sides at at http://www.shesfixingherhair.co.uk its the best strokes fan site!!!!! you can get videos,pics and other downloads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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