The Complaint Topic

Oct 13

The Complaint Topic

Posted by King of Sorrow on

Seeing how people don't hesitate to get nerved in their messages, I think it isn't a that bad idea to have this thread.

Ok. So. My feet are cold, I spent the whole night fixing my computer and finishing works on the mac mini (that I hate) at the same time.

Aaah, what a relief.

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my stupid back hurts today

EDIT: Also- what the hell am I going to do for new years??[/quote]

I can relate. I was going to a music festival. Not anymore. Damn recession.

Damn, I couldn't help him as much as I wanted ... aaaaw, I wanna cry...
and after all he has done for me, I feel so useless... sighs :(
I'm sorry.

indecision is the most annoying thing in the world

I think I bore him.
I think I bore all of them.
He could have at least given me a hug..
I don't even know what I feel about anyone.
Will I miss her?
Do I still like him?

And on a completely different note, I need to study for the SATs. AND I'M IN MY FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE!

EDIT: Also- what the hell am I going to do for new years??

im going to kill that girl.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I'm so tired !!!
I'm also hungry and cold : (
and tomorrow ? it will be pretty much the same : |

i hate the last 20 minutes of work on a friday lol

the holidays are here..

wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah

its been raining allll day..annnd, we are supposed to be getting an even worse storm this weekend..also, I bit my finger and it hurts, dont ask how that happened :roll: ..on a positive note, my friend gave me a ride downtown today in her Benz :D all was not lost :)

my knee is throbbing. i don't know why. don't have time to go to the doctor.

my car breaks down every day....with the amount of money i put into it, i coulda bought a mercedes already

my dad is sick and stubbornly refuses to believe that his illness might need further investigation.

I got the flu !! Damn it ! I am so cold right now :(

I live across from a vineyard, and it's summer here, so I have hayfever every fucking day.

For a while there I thought I was starting to like Media Theory, but I don't think I do anymore...
WHAT THE HELL do I even like anymore?!

Also, I went out to eat lunch alone today because the friend I was supposed to meet decided she didn't want to meet me there afterall (and expected me to chase her round the city instead, as if), my other 2 friends couldn't be bothered, and another friend was at his boyfriend's.
It was so lonely :(
So I ate loads, and then bought a slice of cheesecake to take home and drown my sorrows in.

I got no sleep this week.

my shoulder hurts. i think it's because i spent three hours practicing left hand on the piano trying to get it to obey every command. it's very stubborn, but it WILL do as i say..

or maybe it's because i slept wrong or because i ran into a door two times yesterday. maybe a combination.

myspace can suck my fuckin dick!

I ate way to much turkey and potatoes
and it's they day after Thanksgiving.
My stomach kills! I want to throw up :|

I've still got a headache, I've decided to postpone a visit to friends this week-end.

And I'm cold cold cooold, when I'm wearing two sweaters. : /

a) I've been really sick with a bad cold/flu thing the past few days :(
b) I have so much work to do for my assignments which are due very soon, but I've done hardly anything productive.
c) I've just found out I have an extra 750 word (very pointless) assignment to do due on Dec 5th. Shite.
d) I wish I could've had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with a big happy family. But I don't celebrate it. And I'm not with family. I just want some turkey and stuffing and pecan pie, damnit!!

i'm running out of pie :(

Australia needs to take more wickets against new zealand. We just took a wickt off a no ball, shhhiiiiiiittttt

[color=#008000]there wont be a second season of pushing daisies NOOOoooo[size=85]ooooooo[/size][size=50]]oooooo![/size][/color] :cry:

cant upload video to you tube!
i must become more computer savvy..

I just hate myself.

[quote="air_port"]The holiday season is making me gain weight.
[color=#008000] sounds familiar :lol:
and I hate hospitals, I waited all morning and I couldn´t get an appointment with the doctor[/color] :twisted:

i have finals :o

The holiday season is making me gain weight.

yeah... not the worst I've had but it could have been better.

Hard day, eh ?

aaaaah, imbécil, idiota, estúpida !!!!!
Que mierda !! FUCK FUCK FUCK !

*deep breath*

Tomorrow is a new day...

I've got a flu or something. Since the beginning of the week I'm always cold, I spend my days with headaches and fretfulness at their climax.

I got budgets class in 30 minutes (very annoying), it's raining, and I'm getting stressed with this straight hair.. I can't put anything on 'cause it just keep sliding... sigh

mandatory sentencing and the concept of 'truth in sentencing' VS Therapeutic Jurisprudence. Basically i have to define the above terms then explain how they work in Victoria(Aus) and internationally and then compare them. I've got heaps of stuff on community courts, drug courts, manadatory sentencing in the northern territory but all thats missing is motivation and a willingness to work. I'm listening to music to try and motivate myself. eye of the tiger!!!!!

[quote="strokesman2008"]I have one more essay to complete and i couldn't be less motivated. I seriously have sat looking at the same page for hours and have come to the point of complete apathy. All I want to do is relax.[/quote]
what are you writing about?

I have one more essay to complete and i couldn't be less motivated. I seriously have sat looking at the same page for hours and have come to the point of complete apathy. All I want to do is relax.

Nothing ever works out.

The French news programme "Le Journal" is on, but in English (it used to be broadcast in French). How annoying.

"With friends like this who needs enemies".

[quote="Sophmore"]shrinks make everything worse[/quote]

why ? I think I really need someone to talk to, someone who could finally figure out what's wrong with me... : (

[quote="King of Sorrow"]Injections in the head didn't help much ?[/quote]

They worked well for my physical issues.

first i damn near had a heart attack when i saw someone unexpectedly, after i had lost all hope that i was going to see them at all today.
nasty shock.
then when i waved and said hi, he looked at me like he'd never seen me before..
even nastier.
so i feel like a bit of a shit now.....

Awww, I know. But don't light the incense next time. Go have a bath or read a book or just lay and listen to music. It works all the time for me.

I only wanted to relax. : (

Well, I never thought incense were all that nice. I mean, yeah they smell good before you light them, but then after you do, the smoke comes out, and it smells nasty and ruins the perfumed smell that was there before, when the package is opened. Plus it can't be good to breathe any kind of smoke in.

I have a mega-headache, I can't even bear my contact lenses.

[i]relaxing incense[/i] my ass.

shrinks make everything worse

Injections in the head didn't help much ?