Album 4 Needs to Happen SOON

Oct 30

Album 4 Needs to Happen SOON

Posted by mjs05g on

Album four needs to come together relatively soon. Firstly, the fans crave it and we have not forgotten about you guys. Secondly, i have read numerous music related articles that reference The Strokes or that are about Strokes' side projects that proceed to speak negatively of the band and their absence. Many of them coming to the conclusion that nobody cares anymore. However, if it were not for The Strokes emergence into the music scene, shitty bands like the killers wouldn't be able to pawn off their Springsteen ripoffs for a dime. In some respects, The Strokes gave England their edge back. Fuck the Gallagher brothers. Pete Doherty is shit.This was underground music that wasn't from the underground. There is a reason Guided By Voices and The Strokes were drinking and snorting coke together. Hopefully this album becomes a reality soon for everyones sake.

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yes yes, i totally think the strokes will get it done, just give them some time...
i am a complete and absolute fan of the strokes (i know i really have a problem, i dont like being all fan-ish) but yea i know that i will love the new album no matter what, i love those guys and they make great music.

on the topic of the guys' side stuff, i am a supporter. i really liked albert's stuff, and the others did good too. just remember that it just shows that they've all got talent. and thats why the strokes are so amazing. all this talent in one! :D (ok ok ive gotta stop.)

but i must admit i am pretty anxious waiting for the 4th album. i know it's gonna rock!

FIOE is amazing. No doubt about it. I guess my post sounds a bit too frantic. I would just love to hear a new strokes album because they get better and better...a

The fourth album is definetly gonna happen.!!!! just give the best band of our time to replenish the timeless hours they spent writing and thinking of F.I.O.E ;)

soooo what? it will happen when the time comeS. :ugeek:
there are a lot of ppl that will like it, even they never actually listened to the strokes and the old fans are probably going to love it (no matter what they say), so i don't worry about the guys at all.
and so what if they're building career a side, that just shows that each of them's got a lot to give, i support it.

The fourth album will happen soon enough and when they are ready everyone is freaking out. They got lives to live and they will get the album done in between. It will be just as great as there other albums I hate that people hate on FIOE great album shows the versatility.

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