Fab Moretti + Little Joy In Clash Magazine

Nov 06

Fab Moretti + Little Joy In Clash Magazine

Posted by CasbahJones on

The new [b]Clash Magazine[/b] is out on November 6th and features a concentrated look [b]Little Joy[/b], the new side project from Strokes drummer [b]Fab Moretti[/b].

[b]Moretti[/b] talks of his Brazilian background and why he is [i]“more than just a drummer”[/i]. Not forgetting an insight into the '60s loungecore' and whimsical sound of [b]Little Joy[/b] themselves.

You can get a quick peak at this months [b]Clash Mag[/b] here:


Or just go buy it... It has a free cd? :D

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[quote="mjs05g"]gosh...the killers are terrible[/quote]
i know!
look at their new "look" and their new music is terrible!!

gosh...the killers are terrible

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