Your favorite guitar of the strokes

Nov 10

Your favorite guitar of the strokes

Posted by dani_ on

Your favorite guitar of strokes

of the albert or nick
les paul custom (nick) [img][/img]
nick valensi riviera[img][/img]

ALBERT HAMMOND Fender Stratocaster Arctic White w/ pine neck [img],85/brand,zzounds/p36358h-4b6ef77447a616ea1dbc3192c6a7bf43.jpg[/img]

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can't go wrong with the riviera

Definately the riviera the p94 pickups are amazing in there im actually going to buy that guitar here soon.

While I like Rosewood and I really like the Riviera and its tone, the maple neck of Stratocasters and the bridge suits how I play much more.

In a nutshell, Maple >Rosewood in everything good, but Nick's signature Rivera is sex.

that maple fretboard is hideous, albert uses rosewood