The ol' Strokes newsletter (Does anyone have it?)

Nov 24

The ol' Strokes newsletter (Does anyone have it?)

Posted by _PumpkinPie on

Hello all!

I'm what I guess people here would consider a new fan, having only gotten into The Strokes after FIOE (Though not because I disliked their older stuff, I was just ignorant of them) when my girlfriend enlightened me. She had liked them since Room On Fire and had been part of the AloneTogether fanclub and accordingly got the newsletters that used to be sent out. She had most (if not all) the issues, but they got lost when she moved houses. So I guess my question is...

[b]If there's anybody who has an old copy of ANY (or several) of the newsletter issues, could I have or buy them from you?[/b]

I'm planning to try and get one (or really, as many as I can) as part of a christmas gift. Searching through various online shops (ebay, etc.) I found nothing, so I would be undyingly grateful for anyone willing to part with one.

Thanks either way though!

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