Re~Inventing The Strokes :)

Nov 25

Re~Inventing The Strokes :)

Posted by Reyes on

Well im new in here i mean [b]i signed up a while back[/b] but i just remembered i [b]never go on here and[/b] in anticipation of the [b]new record[/b] i thot it was only appropriate to hang around [b]with fellow strokees...[/b]

[b][color=#FF00FF][i]So this is my topic look check it what if the strokes coming out were at ur disposal entirely!!? In '09 they arrive back on the scene but not before checkin' in with you first. See? What would you like to see from the strokes next year? Sound~wise, Appearance~wise, and whatever... [/i][/color][/b]

Uhm for me i'd like nothing more than a return to the [u]static melody grimy chord-strummin' noise[/u] of their first disk 'Is This It.' That was so original it made me cry. Whatever the sound produced... i rlly just wanna see these guys live. It'll be my first time fersure. It's damn near orgasm just thinking about it, rite?


..:::Cry SLEEP and live ur dReAmS:::.. :o (julian) 8-) (nick) :lol: (fab) ;) (nikolai) :geek: (albert)

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