everyone else's tattoos

Dec 04

everyone else's tattoos

Posted by dirty puppy on

who here has ink and what are they?

I have seven tattoos... they are:

1. The word "love" on my wrist... it is tiny and in all caps and took about 30 seconds to do.

2. a small flower on my foot... this one was my first tattoo. (has colour)

3. the word "robot" on my hip in arabic.

4. the quote "we accept the love we think we deserve" across my stomach a few inches below my belly button in a very beautiful crusive type font. I love it, it spans from hip bone to hip bone.

5. professor owl from the tootsie pop commercials on my rib cage on the left side... I got it done by some shitty at home artist and it was the most painful experience ever and he didn't do a good job so I have to go get it fixed and reshaded and such. (no colour)

6. a flower tramp stamp... this was my second tattoo and really the only one I regret. (has colour)

7. The hug o' war illustration that albert has on his wrist on my shoulder blade on the right side (I think, I can never remember what side and I am too lazy to go look in a mirror) Again, I did not get this cause of Albert, but I just really liked the illustration. (no colour)

I was thinking about getting an animated non scary t-rex on my right side but I am poor. I love tattoos, though, and was immediately addicted from the start.