Zooey Deschanel can sing

Dec 12

Zooey Deschanel can sing

Posted by dirty puppy on

Grrrl has got some talent, and it is not often you find an actress who can successfully cross over into music. ScarJo sucked.


I think she is even better live...

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thats really good stuff

JitterBug started a She & Him thread a whiiiiiile back, actually, which prompted me to listen to them. Good stuff! I'd like it if M. Ward sang more though..

scarjo is a fucking joke. the singing scene in lost in translation was just prelude to her music career. the bitch can't sing and in teh looks department she's overrated.

zooey is cool but annoying that she and m.ward are more poster children for the scene whatever teh scene is now than anything else. more sonny & cher than the carpenters. or even the fiery fernaces who did it a lot better than they did and didn't have the celebutant flack degrading their music. at least for me.

I saw her earlier this week on Jimmy Kimmel (doucehbag) for the first time and she was more interesting that I thought. She did not sing though.

She described her music as "Stadium Folk" I believe. After watching the video you posted, I thought she ok. Sounds a lot like Jenny whats-her-name from Rilo Kiley just not as good. Not horrible though.

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