At The Drive-in

Dec 16

At The Drive-in

Posted by strokesman2008 on

Who else likes this band?

My love for their music has not dwindled since i bought relationship of command years ago.

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i do prefer the mars volta, simply because you cant get that sound from anyone else. I heard them before at the drive in, ive only heard a few ATDI's choons. anyone recomend their top 5 songs for me to check out?

My love has neither since dwindled. I read this site quite often but rarely respond, but this compelled me, because:

During Christmas of '01 I received a gift card to Circuit City. I came away with Relationship of Command and Is This It and have never looked back. The only reason I ever got into ATD-I is silly.
Because of my screen name, someone asked me if I was an At The Drive-In fan (at the time I had never heard them). Once I heard One Armed Scissor I was hooked. Shortly afterwards I checked their website only to find out they had already split. It still makes me sick to my stomach that I never saw them live.
As for Mars Volta, they do indeed kick ass and I've been fortunate enough to catch them a few times. In Philadelphia this past September I couldn't help but laugh maniacally at how good they were. So unbelievably relevant.
I saw Sparta a few times early on but have since lost interest. Their latest efforts are rather poor.



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