Albert in some fashion magazine

Jan 14

Albert in some fashion magazine

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[quote="strokesman2008"]channel all that posing into a 4th strokes record[/quote]

The other guys can't do anything until Julian finishes writing new songs.

sweet sig

'we had been dating a month or two when she asked me to live with her. I would've done anything she wanted the night we met.'

so cute i think im going to kill myself :shock:

lol...i don't know...i like the pictures graphism...but I must say I didn't imagined Albert doing this kind of things...but...good for him...

Now that all the hair is gone, we can finally see Albert's pierced ears. FINALLY!

they look nice

I'll admit, he looks bad in the picture with the dogs. The short hair is a change... I can't say i REALLY like it. he's still cute though xD
and not half bad at modeling.

Oh boy, Albie's engagement jewelry. He's wearing a heart shaped locket around his neck (the equivalent to Juj's feather necklace!)

yeah but he looks great and in loveeee...

channel all that posing into a 4th strokes record

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