Worst Damn Strokes Song...

Jan 19

Worst Damn Strokes Song...

Posted by ElishaLovesStrokes on

I think the title speaks for itself, in your opinion what the fuck do you think sucks....

it was actually hard to choose but then I went straight to Room on Fire of course, so Automatic Stop

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none of them suck, but some are better than others. i usually listen to their albums all the way through so i couldn't tell you off the top of my head which look mediocre next to, say, razorblade, or whatever your favorite song is (for the record that is not my favorite... i don't have just one). for me that's usually what determines that a band is really good...when i can listen to their album without skipping any songs. when im in a depressed mood, the upbeat songs suck and on the other side becomes my favorite. when happy, on the other side sucks because it is the last thing i want to listen to. i still think the word suck is too strong when it comes to describing the Strokes' music.

well all of their song are good but i think the worst is 15minutes

hmm worst song...would probably have to be fear of sleep for me too and maybe red light

i really dont HATE any of The Strokes songs.
they have really good songs.....

huh.... i would say ... Fear Of Sleep ! :?
but honestly i don't really hate any songs of The Strokes n_n

I seriously don't know whats wrong with Fear Of Sleep and Killing Lies. I wouldn't say they're their best songs, but they're not that bad.
The beginning of Killind Lies sounds kinda off, but then the chorus is good.
Fear of Sleep sounds fine to me.

the worst would have to be 15 minutes. i just think its an okay song not bad though, and ask me anything is a great song.

[color=#008000]ask me anything!!!! it makes me nervous [/color]

FIOE, in its entirety.


killing lies and fear of sleep are dery and boring and definatly their worst songs. but automatic stop is great song

wait... I might have misinterpreted this.. Those are my least favorite songs, but I don't think any of their songs really SUCK. :?
PS- Killing Lies and Fear of Sleep are great songs.

I'd say "Life is a gas" :lol: even though it's a good song, but it's so poor, minimalistic, compared to their songs
Man how I dislike punk and those motherfucking Ramones(this song is supposed to be one of their(few) classics :? :| )

killing lies

in my opinion, ask me anything wasn't that exciting...but all their songs are awesome!

are you serious... what EVER happened is one of my all time faves, and I really like fear of sleep but I agree with killing lies and also barely legal not being that great. But if you say that the strokes have none that sucks then who are you fooling because they know it just as much as we do....

is this it or when it happened or something like that.

Killing Lies?

[quote="Sophmore"]This thread is pointless because the only bad song they have is fear of sleep.[/quote]
that's your opinion!
my sister loves fear to sleep!

This thread is pointless because the only bad song they have is fear of sleep.

fear of sleep.

to me all there songs are good!
i really liked room on fire, all the songs are great.

its crazy to say that they dont have a bad song but its true!

[quote="little joy"]in my opinion they don't have a bad song , n Automatic stop is a great song.[/quote]
c'mon haha
they have bad songs!
Fear of Sleep
Between Love & Hate

and yes automatic stop is a great song! one of my favorites !

in my opinion they don't have a bad song , n Automatic stop is a great song.