Live performance of "Soma" on Conan O'Brien

Jan 31

Live performance of "Soma" on Conan O'Brien

Posted by jojowas1 on

[color=#FFFFFF]Hello, I'm still the same French motherfucker but had to create an new account because this motherfucking board wouldn't work[/color]

I am looking for the video of this live performance by our beloved Strokes but can't find it anywhere

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Here a file with 3 rareties I have downloaded on E-mule : Hard to explain on leno, Soma on Conan, Hard to explain on SNL
here you go :
or [url][/url]

[quote="jojowas1"][url=]the_strokes_-_soma__live_conan_obrien_05-18-02_-osoremors-ucv.mpeg - 28.63MB[/url][/quote]

I donwloaded that but it only downloaded like 1 minut of the video.


[url=]the_strokes_-_soma__live_conan_obrien_05-18-02_-osoremors-ucv.mpeg - 28.63MB[/url]

post it on youtube its not on there i looked for it the other day.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D I have got it
I must say I am quite disappointed with Julian Vocals : usefully on TV show he sounds exactly like on the album but there he doesn't seem to be into it. But still good. And the instrumental parts are perfect as usual

OMG!! the downloading just stopped at 93 % OF THE COMPLETED FILE :evil: :evil: :x
I am so fookin' frustrated :lol:
Probably gonna have to wait until tomorrow('s parties)

youtube man

So nobody could fill my request?
Just to let you know I have just found a file on E-mule that may correspond to the said video
It will take time to download(to be downloaded????) but I'll get this piece of art sooner or later

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