The Killers thread

Feb 01

The Killers thread

Posted by Sophmore on

The way their style works reminds me of when the Strokes first came out. Different style but the same logic behind it. Personally, I think Sawdust is their best album, followed shortly by day & age. I can't wait for the next album; I think now that they've gotten these records accounted for, they can put those themes together and make a really momentous next record. Plus it takes a lot of guts to take yourself not-seriously enough to write a brilliant song like don't shoot me santa.

Tranquilize is one of the most brilliant songs I've heard in a long time.

Dont shoot me santa

Romeo & Juliet-Dire Straits Cover

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okay before i start ragging on the killersss sawdust was amazingg but day and aage isss alrriiigghh...thats pushing it....come on human?? are we human or are we dancers wat kinda shit is that..disappoonting wjat it is

i agree seriously whats happening coldplay and the killers?? damm

Were not saying they're horrible people, were just saying that there new stuff is 'bad'

its not great anymore. Its as if their own fame fucked them up.. i loved their first album. but now all i hear in their new matereal is soft synth with expensive suits. ... yeah..

The killers have always kinda sucked but kinda rocked...just one of those bands. It's either a catchy ass jam or it's annoying and pussyish.

I just don't think the bands are that similar

I love The Killers. I'm still getting a feel for 'Day & Age', but it's growing on me. Slowly but surely.

They're also four of the nicest guys ever, and have been nothing but total gentlemen whenever I've encountered them.

I have a fun story about Dave, in particular- and my lightweight ass getting drunk a couple years ago, and since I have nothing to do at work, here I go.

So I was in NYC with a really good friend of mine (potential future husband material, that's how much I dig this guy), who, without giving too much info away since some of ya'all are fucking nuts- is 'with' the band.

Anyway, at this point in my life, I had never been to a baseball game before (blasphemy, being from the Boston area), so said friend and a few other guys offered to take me to Shea Stadium in Queens, I believe it was- to catch a Mets game and give me the ultimate 'baseball experience', AKA- loading me up with beer, hot dogs, garlic fries, etc.

I'm tiny and I don't drink a lot, so needless to say within the 3rd inning I was a lightheaded, giggly mess. Everyone's in good spirits, and my friend points out that Dave is at the game too, a few rows away from us. I'm surprised I failed to notice until this point since the man has hair like mine, see: fucking huge and poofy.

So we get his attention, he waves, we wave back, I keep drinking.

After the game, we had to catch a train back to Manhattan. I'm stumbling with my friends at 3 in the afternoon. Awesome.

We get there, Dave's waiting for us. The man is like the fucking Jolly Green Giant. Eerily tall and smiling like a crazy person. He's going to be riding back with us. I keep staring at the gloves he's wearing in summertime. I want to ask him about it, but I don't.

Typical subway insanity occurs on the train. There's a guy screaming at who I assume was his girlfriend on the phone, threatening to kill her, talking about how the student that killed everyone at Virginia Tech, and I quote, "wasn't born crazy- it's hos like you that MAKE people like him go crazy!"

I'm sitting inbetween two of my friends. Dave is sitting across from us. I'm still pretty tipsy, and this whole scene is a trainwreck I can't turn away from. I'm watching, jaw dropped, and I notice Dave is trying his hardest not to laugh. There's a brief moment of understanding as we both look to my friends, then eachother, then the crazy guy, then back at eachother, and have to drop our heads down to laugh silently at this very distraught man's uncontrollable rage. My friend elbowed me in the ribs to get me to stop, which is understandable- since he probably would have shanked us if he caught me cracking up at his expense.

After the dude gets off, conversations resume as normal. A friend with our group mentions bees, and I dropped the following gem:

Me: DID YOU KNOW... That when one of the worker, drone, whatever, guy bees- mates with the queen, his testicles explode inside her? It creates a barricade so that no other bees can mate with her!
Friends, and Dave: :shock:
Me: :P
Friends, and Dave: :shock:
Me: :P
Friends, and Dave: :shock:
Me: (starts hiccuping)

We got back into Manhattan, and not being familiar with the NYC subway system, we all naturally got a little lost on how to GTFO of there. Dave seemed to notice my panic, and in a very nice gesture, linked our arms together and walked with me to the street. He introduced himself, as did I, still hiccuping. I also apologized for my state of mind, explaining that I'm not much of a big drinker and it was my first ballgame. He was very pleasant, telling me it was "perfectly fine!" and asking me what I thought of the game, if I had fun, etc. etc.

Once we were out of there, I skipped off with my friend to get some food at Sardie's and then pass out in his hotel for a good two hours. By the next day, I was given the nickname 'Honeybee Girl'. Can you guess by who?

Thanks, Dave.

I have fun stories about B.Flow and Ronnie's gigantic head, too ( AND WHERE THE FUCK IS THE ARCTIC MONKEYS APPRECIATION POST BECAUSE I HAVE CRAZYFUN STORIES ABOUT THOSE LITTLE SCAMPS)- but that Dave story always makes me go "awww" when I think about it. Everyone thinks he's a big douche, but he's actually a pretty nice guy with a good sense of humor. My friend told me he was sharing the bee fact with a bunch of people, too. Useless knowledge for the win!

The killers sucks!!
fucking posers

lol, b.flo looks so uncomfortable and out of place in the new video. good pop song though.

yeah human is not a very fun song but i do like the rest of them, pretty catchy

[quote]I hate their new album...It's not the killers i once knew. Same happend with Coldplay.[/quote]

I totally agree..."are we humans or are we dancers" wtf??

[quote="tika_b"]The Killers used to rock, but not no mores.[/quote]

Yeah, their old stuff was awesome. Up until Sawdust, then this new crap, they are just another new wave pop ectro rock band. Like Fall Out Boy, or Shiny Toy Guns.

The Killers used to rock, but not no mores.

I hate their new album...It's not the killers i once knew. Same happend with Coldplay.

I just hope The Strokes don't desapoint me the way those two bands did.


I like The Killers also, Day and Age is pretty good, and I also like Sawdust. Lou Reid singing on Tranquilize is badass

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