Should Julian leave the Strokes?

Feb 07

Should Julian leave the Strokes?

Posted by Max Fischer on

I really do not want to see Julian waste his talent with a band that doesn't appreciate him. It seems like the band and many of his fans are fighting him every step of the way and they think Julian being in control is what is hurting the band and how it would be better with the rest of the band having more control.

I really didn't want the band to break up before. But, now it seems like the logical conclusion. It seems like they are just prolonging the inevitable. I think the moment Julian lost control of the band.. when the other band members egos got so big they thought they could do as well or better than Julian is when the band died. Because I don't think Julian wants to hand the band over.. and I don't blame him. He is too talented to do that. Julian was responsible for making one of the greatest albums of all time.

You don't achieve that by not being passionate about what you are doing.. and that is what separates him from his fellow band mates and it's why he has such a strong vision and why he should move on IMO. You don't see Steven Spielberg handing his movie over to some assistant.. and this is why Julian shouldn't be handing the band over to anyone..

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