Albert should be making movies.. not music..

Feb 07

Albert should be making movies.. not music..

Posted by Max Fischer on

If you look at Albert's work I think the strongest music he makes is instrumental.. such as In Transit and Spooky Couch. I also noticed that Albert seemed really into the videos for his albums.. and the visual aspects. Remember.. Albert originally went to NY to go to film school.. I think this is where his real future lies.

I wouldn't be surprised if when everything is said and done he has drifted back that way. If anything he is likely using this musical interlude to gain celebrity to make that transition.. hence the supermodel girlfriend. I even think the fashion thing plays into this too.. like costumes.. he seems to like to dress in costumes.. wasn't he working on a script, too?

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[quote]This is a Strokes fan site, after all, not just a Julian Casablancas fan site.[/quote]

I just don't think Albert cares that much about music.. I think he is just using to to do what he really wants.. what he went to New York for in the first place -- to get into film. I think he is a dilettante. I really hope Julian doesn't give up the band to someone who doesn't really care that much about music and would rather be doing other things..

By your logic, having a supermodel girlfriend is a blatant attempt at making it in the film industry. And also an obvious relation to his love of "costumes".

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