Big Strokes fan here with a question...

Mar 26

Big Strokes fan here with a question...

Posted by StrokesofAbundance on

Hey all,

I'm new to the boards here but definitely not new to the Strokes music lol. I was just wondering something and I wanna know your guys' opinion since you all probably have great tastes in music haha.

I read recently on MTV somewhere that the Strokes were huge influences on the band The Virgins. Did you guys know that? I figured I'd check them out and I'm really liking this video I found of one of their singles:

its called "One Week of Danger" and I really like the type of sound/concept they portray.

I definitely have to know your guys' opinions on this.

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do you guys know where i can download this version?

The lyrics are sooo funny!

dude. I freaking love the Virgins. when I saw them in concert, I asked their drummer about The Strokes. he isn't their drummer anymore, I'm pissed. I'm seeing them again in May and I'm gonna ask them why he left the band

me: what do you guys make of the abundance of references to The Strokes? They’re my favourite band, for the record.
Eric: Well, we’re flattered. They are a great band, a lot of fun to listen to. But we don’t try to sound like them or anything…
me: I know. By references I meant:
Eric: We’re both from NY…
me: You both make ridiculously good music. Incredible sync. You guys are quite popular and your fan base is growing exponentially. You had a stellar EP followed by an even stronger debut.
Eric: yeah, ok. We just wanted to make a good pop record, y’know? Something that you could put on and just listen to, like a party.

you can read the whole thing here

already knew this. but checkout the demo version. SO much better

you can defiantly hear it in their sound, especially their old EP, which is the best work they've made to date. great emerging artist though

your post sounds like an infomercial, are you a member of the virgins?

holy pancakes....i love the virgins! i think i heard them on gossip girl or, i didnt know the strokes influenced them! wow....thats pretty dope. maybe thats why i like i personally like radio christiane [i hope i spelled that] actually, i had heard another version of this song....but i like this one alot!! the video is pretty sweet too. thanks for showing me this ñ_ñ new to this too lol but not new to the xD

Wow it sounds cool. I've already heard of The Virgins, but i didn't know the Strokes were influenced by them.

i didn't know this!
the song is cool, i actually like it!
but they really don't sound anything like the strokes!

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