Effect On 12:51

Apr 01

Effect On 12:51

Posted by GangOfFour on

Hello , All , I'm a french fan of Strokes so excuse me for my bad english !

I suppose that this question has also be ask , I would like to know what is the effect or the pedal used by Nick in the Song 12:51 !

Thnaks at all !

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well i don't know exactly which pedal did he use, but i own one that sound like it, I think it's a BOSS pedal :D

Yes I Heard In but i've only an overdrive pedal by boss , the jekyll and hide is more expensive !

I Heard too he used chromatic tuner by boss , I believe ...

neck pickup only, tone on your guitar fully down, a decent whack of distortion using the Jekyll & Hyde ultimate overdrive pedal. Boom.

Is all about the tone!
low that mudafucker!

mm i am mexican i use a tranlater

not to use effects but I believe that these uses Phase Shifter, Flanger, Delay, Super Chorus. I think those used

I believe nick used a boss chron tu-2 and i read that they turned the tone so low that they actually blew acouple of amps while recording 12:51.
I think thats right but feel free to correct me.

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