4th album name revealed!

Apr 01

4th album name revealed!

Posted by thestrokesfan01 on

april fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gosh i miss my childhood!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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[quote="IBelieveInStrokism"]It's gonna be something unexpected or random.[/quote]

you guys ruined the joke........seriously.... :cry:

that would be sooo dope it it were revealed!! im soo curious to see how this one will turn out! :D

It's gonna be something unexpected or random.

"The Strokes"
they are finally a band who works together , they are finally THE STROKES

My psychic powers said something like "phoenix" or "resurrection" or maybe something from a book.. something relating to utopia might work too..

how it started

1. Is This It? - here we are
2. Room On Fire - here we are part 2
3. First Impressions of Earth - here the world is and it's F'ed up and now we are F'ed up
My hunch is the 4th album title will have something to do with rebirth. Julian - "we feel new" "music from the future"

I knew that was not true, but still i would like to know the name




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