Bob Dylan and Strok-a-palooza

Apr 02

Bob Dylan and Strok-a-palooza

Posted by Max Fischer on

Rolling Stone Magazine's The Smoking Section Presents: DYLAN FEST 2009!
A night to get drunk and celebrate Bob Dylan's greatest hits!
Adam Green
Grant Maxwell - The Morning Pages
Jody Porter - Fountains Of Wayne
The Pierces
Matt Romano - Little Joy / Albert Hammond Jr. Band
Russell Simins - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion / Men Without Pants
Fab Moretti - The Strokes / Little Joy
Nikolai Fraiture - The Strokes / Nickel Eye
Sammy James Jr. - Mooney Suzuki
The Teenage Prayers

Nikolai and Fab will be there, and a member of Albert Hammond's band. That's a lot of Strokes-related action at Mercury Lounge on May 21st. $10.00 tickets go on sale at noon. Many of the same artists did this last year at Rehab (RIP).

[b]I wonder why no Julian? Is he not a Dylan fan, like me?[/b]

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