Best Night Ever Thread

Apr 05

Best Night Ever Thread

Posted by tika_b on

My best night ever must've been a couple of years ago when I took a road trip to Denver to see Albert Hammond, Jr. and the Mooney Suzuky live. Wow, it was so crazy, and fun. Best first concert ever.
The Mooney can really put up a good show.
In close second: Ben Kweller and POS live in Salt Lake City.
very very close second if not tied.

Your Turn.

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Radiohead at a very small venue in Lawrence,KS called The Bottleneck, June 18th,1995...I've seen this band several times live, not including the 3 times i saw them open for REM in 1995, but, that 1st time was absolutely amazing..too bad it will never be like that again

Ive had some other pretty amazing nights lately at hockey games, and, Im going to go ahead and list them since I happen to love hockey :D

1. Nov 13th, 2008: Bruins vs. Canadiens at the Garden...always a good game when the Bruins play the Canadiens, and, it was my 1st Bruins game and...we won 6-1!!!! :D

2. Jan 13th,2009: Bruins vs Canadiens at the Garden again..another great game another win for us 3-1 :)

3. Jan 27th, 2009: Bruins vs Capitals at the Garden..two great teams,we won 3-2 in OT

4. Feb 26th, 2009: Bruins vs Ducks at the Garden...fabulous game..we won 6-0

unfortunately, I missed the game this past Thursday against the Canadiens :evil: ..ugh, that was probably the best game of the season!!! Oh well, at least we won 5-4 :D ...annnnnnd nowwww, we are in the playoffs!!! :D :D :D

!!! @ Golden Plains
flaming llips @ BDO
mars volta @ festival hall
tv on the radio @ bdo
the drones anytime ive seen them.

That's a tough one... I’m assuming you’re referring to “best concert night ever,” so I won’t list any BJ’s. Here’s a rough top ten, in some particular order.

1.Lou Reed in Palermo Sicily. Outdoor show in the only place in Italy where everyone doesn’t speak English. Was supposed to seat 1000 but only 100 tickets sold. Very intimate, very fucking cool.

2.Pixies in Amsterdam. Totally crazy show at the Heineken Factory. The Pixies… Free Beer… Nuff said.

3.When I saw the killers open for Stellastar at Richards on Richards in Vancouver several years ago, because only like 15 people showed up for their set, no one knew who they were, and the band came bar-hopping with me and my buddy afterwards. Too bad they suck now, but still a good story. Also saw Jet open for Kings of Leon there in like ’04… I think, good place for up-and-coming opening bands.

4.Chris Cornell or Beck at the Orpheum, crazy talent.

5.Yo la tengo on Victoria day (Canadian Holiday) at dicks on dicks. Kept talking about the day like it was some kind of big deal and asking audience questions that no one could answer. They covered “Victoria” by the kinks in the encore. So funny. See them every chance you get.

6.Guns and Roses in Vancouver in 2002 for “Chinese democracy” tour. Axl no-showed and the city rioted. Riots are surprisingly fun, haha.

7.AC/DC a looong time ago, like 99/00. Steven Baldwin sat behind me and kept jumping and yelling “rock and roll” in my ear and high-fiving us, seemed clinically insane. Got his girl to go buy us beer before the set, too funny. Nothing beats partying with the guy from Bio-dome.

8.Strokes at Starfish room in ‘01. Worst bar ever in vancouver’s history, got torn down shortly after the performance for “health code violations”.

9.White Stripes at the Piccadilly pub, also ’01, in contention for worst bar ever in vancouver’s history. Great show before Jack white became holier-than-thou.

10.Placebo at the commodore. VERY good live.

my best night is when my friend took me to a strokes concert in June 2006, when he finally declared to me (as he liked me without me noticing :oops: ) and i got my first kiss from there...

my other best night was when i got drunk in an albert hammond jr concert, i think that was the best, since the hangover was painful, i didnt give a damn for what they told me...

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