Analyzing My Drive Thru (my understanding)

May 13

Analyzing My Drive Thru (my understanding)

Posted by yomama on

I think I'm over analyzing and I think I am wrong about this but oh well, with the lack of anything to do... here goes:

I think Julian didn't like being in the Video/Music/Song or he was rather bothered by it being a song for a brand or commercial.

I think he just didn't have a choice and did it anyway. And since he did it anyway, he wants credit for it.

Check out his lyrics:
[quote]When you're haunted by the demons that'll never let you rest
Not shy in front of crowds, but shy in front of just one guest[/quote]
Sounds like he's being asked a lot by companies to do commercials and whatever that he didn't want. Of course, The Strokes is an indie band, it would be ironic to "sell out" (as what Julian claims in most of their Interviews, he didn't want The Strokes to "sell out") much more with a commercial from a very well known brand.
[quote]Not dumb enough to win at their game
But not smart enough to dumb it down, and take it away[/quote]
Well, in the lyrics he sounds like he regret it or rather he's taking it back. He's doing it and he's playing their game but of course he doesn't like it and therefore to took it back his words. (depends of course where I got the lyrics because I know its just fan made. but I listened to the song and it really sounds like it.)
[quote]Look at all the leaders
Hanging in the playground
Always beating up the weaker ones [/quote]
well uhhh capitalism and being in a major label or commercial for well known brand is very close. not that The Strokes are anti-capitalism jsut because they are an indie band, its just that they don't want too much of it. (imo)
[quote]You think happiness is watching TV all night long
You dig the job of dealing over people in this song
Well I am here to change your goal, I regret everything I've done[/quote]
well that explains itself.

and that's it. just my two cents.

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