Is anyone into HOCKEY???

Jun 08

Is anyone into HOCKEY???

Posted by celia2470 on

I have been watching the hockey playoffs and such. I am a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins. They are now playing for the Stanley Cup and there are only a few games left. What do you think about the ref.'s role in these games. Who do you think will actually win the Cup? And what do you think will happen next year? Sorry, Im just a girl that loves hockey! ;)

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NO, not at all. Sometime I watch but I can’t understand the game and don’t know the rules. I love to watch boxing and excited to witness <a href="" title="mayweather vs alvarez live streaming" style="text-decoration:none; color:#000000;">mayweather vs alvarez live streaming</a>.

Ahhh :D we go.. this makes me very happy..indeed, hockey IS the best sports in the world :D ..Bruins fan, buuuuut, I am rooting for the Pens..I have despised Detroit for years now..over 10yrs i have hated Detroit..I wish some team would play as dirty as they do, just to give them a taste of their own medicine..isnt it funny how they were they only team to come out of the lockout virtually unscathed and intact..hmmm, wonder why that is :roll:

well, i'm from alaska. everyone in alaska seems to love hockey.
i don't love it, but i don't mind watching it.

Best Sport In The World. Montréal Fan By Heart, But I'm Rooting For The Pens. I Hate Detroit, They Get Dirty Ugly Goals. And They Got The Luckiest Goalie I've Ever Seen! Hopefully Pittsburgh Can Pull Out A Win Tomorrow!

well maybe the canadian chick

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