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These boards are extremely sad compared to other music boards and it isn't your fault! I think Ryan and the band are doing a terrible job in maintaining a presence in the music world. Even if they still haven't even entered a studio yet, fucking say something about it. Its called PROMOTION and that is Ryan's job. Keeping low is not a good idea in the strokes case because everyone has forgotten about them. Today it is all about the connection between the artist and the fan. The complete and utter silence before the announcement that they were working again ( which came a month after they already started and AFTER EVERYONE ELSE HAD REPORTED ON IT) was painful. It feels like the people who manage and represent the strokes are asleep at the wheel. I don't think just launching out of cannon once the (potential) 4th album is done is a smart move. What's going on? Who is producing? Where are you recording? WTF DOES THE FUTURE LOOK LIKE!?!?!?!?!

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The Strokes

I'm not asking them to start caring about what people think. As fans we are already convinced of their talent. I'm not asking them to make the album they way i want them to make it. I am just asking them to reconnect with the fans and hey why not, the general public...not shape their fourth album experience into what "other people" want.

I'm happy the Strokes are making a 4th album. That's enough for me.

I like that they are ignoring everybody,.. I think worrying about what other people think is what diluted the last album. Hopefully that changes this time.

I actually agree this time. huh.

Remember when Nikolai gave one or two updates in his band section? That was great. Have Nikolai chime in here and there talking about how things are going or ( as i type this, blood is running down my walls and the water has turned black) using fucking twitter or something.

I agree. I mean yeah, I get that music is first priority and they probably don't want too much publicity, but some is necessary. A happy medium is ideal. A little announcement every month or two couldn't hurt.

yeah I completely agree with you, wtf, step up

No he's right. They don't have to announce it to the world but they could at least put something up on the website.

maybe the strokes are more concerned with making good music instead of being popular.

when the music is good enough people will find it.